Jean is in her third year working and learning with the Title III program in South Dakota, however she is not new to education.  Early in her teaching career, she taught kindergarten, second grade, and middle school.  For the past 28 years, Jean was employed with the Huron School District as a Licensed Professional Counselor.  In this capacity she assisted numerous immigrant and refugee students and families as they transitioned to the school district and community.  Jean continued to promote both the educational development and mental health needs of English Learners through her involvement with the Community Diversity Committee and as Chairperson of Community Counseling Services in Huron.   In an effort to provide equitable services to English Learners in both the Title III and Special Education programs, Jean began studying the work of Dr. Catherine Collier in 2008.  In addition to workshop training, most recently, she completed online training with Dr. Collier.    As a result of this study, she chaired the Student Assistance Team at the Huron Middle School to facilitate accurate distinction between learning disabilities and language acquisition issues for struggling English Learners.  In an effort to help English Learners in South Dakota classrooms reach their fullest potential, Jean’s goal with the State-wide Consortium is to provide professional and technical support to teachers/school districts that is both meaningful and relevant in their role as educators.