L1 Resources

L1= primary or home language

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About L1

The Home Language: an English Language Learner’s Most Valuable Resource, from Colorin Colorado

Empowering ELL Parents and Families at Home, from Colorin Colorado

Family Connections Through Home Languages, from WIDA


Wordless picture books

Sharing Wordless Pictures Books, from Colorin Colorado

Favorite Wordless Picture Books, from Reading Rockets 

Wordless Books List, from Colorin Colorado

Talking about wordless pictures books, from the National Center for Family Literacy

Using wordless picture books, from Teaching My Friends


Reading Aloud 

Why reading aloud to kids helps them thrive, from PBS

Bringing Up Baby, video from Reading Rockets

Reading With Your Child, video from WNET Education, available in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Bengali

Reading Reading Tips for Parents (in Multiple Languages), from Reading Rockets


Home Library

Unite For Literacy, digital library with narrations in 50 different languages!

Creating a home library (English), from Reading Rockets

Creating a home library (Spanish), from Reading Rockets

Improving a home library (English), from Reading Rockets

Improving a home library (Spanish), from Reading Rockets


Educational Programs – for language development at home

Video captions and subtitles in multiple languages, video from Google

8 Brain-Building Games to Play in the Car, from PBS

PBS Learning Media videos by standard



  • Provide language frames for families, on a set of cards or a one-pager/cheatsheet, for them to ask school officials and teachers questions
  • Ask families to provide a list of common phrases they use with their child in their first language. Share this list with other staff at school who interact with the child. 
  • Show families you are interested in and honor their first language.
  • Show families how to use Microsoft Translator or Google Translate apps on their phones, so they can use the tools at home for English materials they’d like to read in their home language.
  • Make a one page tips and resources sheet for multilingual families including your favorite resources listed above!

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