Classroom Teachers

You have an English Learner in your classroom this year, did in the past, OR you are interested in learning how to broaden your school’s capacity to better serve English Learners, and all students.

Interpretation & Translation Resource

This mini-resource will help you understand the differences between interpreter & translation, districts’ legal responsibilities in providing interpretation & translation services, and several resources to help you get started.

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Academic Language Functions Toolkit

The Academic Language Function Toolkit was developed by the Sweetwater Union High School District. It is a tool to support educators in facilitating academic language development within content areas. It outlines examples, strategies, graphic organizers, cue words, and language frames for various language functions.

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Go-To Strategies

This resource outlines 78 Go-To instructional strategies that are aligned with the levels of English language proficiency. A great resource to help teachers scaffold instruction to meet the learning needs of all students.

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Instructional Resources

Looking for curriculum or instructional resources?  Check out these resources.   English Language Development South Dakota State-wide Title III Consortium Mini-Resource: ELD Curriculum and Supports English Language Development curriculums reviewed by WIDA- WIDA Prime V2 As a South Dakota Statewide Title III Consortium member, you have the opportunity to take advantage of a few subscription discounts.  Click HERE to find out more. Classroom Instruction Do your lessons or units meet the educational needs of the multilingual learners in your classroom?  Check out this Colorin Colorado post, Common Core Curriculum Rubric: Meeting the Needs of ELLs  by Dianne Staehr Fenner &

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 According to the US Department of Education (2016) “newcomers refer to any foreign-born students and their families who have recently arrived in the United States”.  Programming and Instruction must be designed to specifically  meet students’ English language development and grade-level content needs while also addressing the student’s social and emotional needs.       U.S. Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition. (2016). Newcomer Tool Kit. Washington, DC: Author.     For more information see the following resources: US Department of Education Newcomer Toolkit Colorin Colorado article about Helping ELL Newcomers: Things Your Students Need to Know by Barbara Law

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